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New Jennifer Lopez Music

Sorry the post is later this week, I've had some computer trouble. Hopefully it's sorted now though. :)

Jennifer Lopez has some new music out. The songs are in Spanish and will likely be on her upcoming 2nd Spanish album, Por Primera Vez (For the First Time).

First  up is the video for El Anillo (which translates as "The Ring". It was released digitally on 26th April.

This is Dinero (Money)  featuring American rapper Cardi B and Amerucan DJ, record producer and rapper Dj Khaled. It's about wanting money!

Dinero was released on 17th May. There doesn't appear to be a video yet, just an audio but I'll update if there is one in future. :)

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Weekly Music Video

Today's music video is Duy Beni by Nihan Akın. She's a Turkish singer and her music releases include EPs Gel Barışalım Artık and Sarki Listesi (2015),  and singles Buz and Terki Diyar.

Duy Beni is Nihan's latest single. I think Duy Beni translates as "Hear Me" in English. The video was uploaded to YouTube on  4th May.

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P.S. On Saturday I watched Eurovision. I have often liked Turkey's entries but they haven't taken part for several years, due to disagreement with competition changes. My favourite was Cyprus with Eleni Foureira's Fuego and I voted for her. She came 2nd and the winner was Isra…

Selection of Eurovision Songs

Eurovision is here again! Last week I did a post called Countdown to Eurovision! which you can read here:

As mentioned in that one, this week I'm doing a more in depth post.

The 63rd Eurovision Song Contest  Grand Final will be held tomorrow, Saturday 12th May in Lisbon, Portugal,  due to Portugal's win last year with Salvador Sobral'sAmar Pelos Dois. It was the first time Portugal won. :)

The UK's entry is SuRie with Storm. This wasn't my favourite song in the Eurovision You Decide competition, but of course I hope she does well! You can watch the music video here:

Now here is a selection of Eurovision songs from the previous year's contest and this year's. :)


Origo- Joci  Pápai (Hungary)

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Weekly Music Video

Today's video is One Kiss by Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa.  The single was released last month and I included the lyric video in April's New Music/Videos post , but the music video has come out at the beginning of this month.

One Kiss is the 2nd single from Calvin's 6th studio album, yet to be released. It has a nice, summery vibe.

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Countdown to Eurovision!

It's Eurovision season! The 63rd Eurovision Song Contest will be held on Saturday 12th May in Lisbon, Portugal, since Portugal won last year with Salvador Sobral's Amar Pelos Dois. (How is it almost a year since he won?! Feels like yesterday!). Next week I'll do a more in-depth post, but for now here are a few Eurovision related links. :)

Back in February the UK held our Eurovision selection contest Eurovision: You Decide and the winner was SuRie who will enter with the song Storm.  Read more about SuRie and her entry here:

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Weekly Music Video

This week's  video is Bounce by Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee, featuring Maua Sama and Tommy Flavour. It samples Jamaican singer and rapper Wayne Wonder's Bounce Along (another song I like) and the video was uploaded to YouTube in November.

Bounce is on Vanessa's debut Money Mondays which was released in January.

Also check out  the video for Vanessa's latest single Wet featuring G. Nako here:

Star Sparkle's Birthday + Fave Posts

Sorry the post is later this week, had a bit of a busy weekend! :)

Star Sparkle  Blog is 7 years old this month! I haven't celebrated blog birthdays before, but I recently dd a birthday post on my other blog Falling Petals, so thought it would be cool to do one here too. :)

I started Star Sparkle on 17th April 2011. I had the intention to make it an entertainment blog, mainly about music, but also about TV and film, and dance as well,  since I belly dance. Here's my first ever post:

I didn't post as regularly back then due to computer problem, but it picked up later in the year. Note: If you want to look at old posts, then click on the 3 pink lines at the top right of the blog and then click "Archive". Or "Labels" if you want to see posts under the same category. :)

To celebrate Star Sparkle's birthday, here is a collection of the most popular/viewed posts over years, as w…