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Old TV series Earthfasts

I was thinking about the old kids TV series I used to watch. There used to be some really good ones. One of them was Century Falls which was about a girl and her mother moving to a weird village called Century Falls. I couldn't find any videos of that on YouTube but will look somewhere else.

There was another one called Earthfasts (1994), based on the 1966 book (also called Earthfasts) by William Mayne. It's about two boys Keith (Chris Downs) and David (Paul Nicholls) who hear drumming under a hill on the Yorkshire moors and go to investigate. A cave opens up and a drummer boy named Nellie Jack John Cherry (Bryan Dick) comes out. He tells the others that he was in a castle and walked down a passage looking for treasure and ended up coming out of the cave. Along with Keith and David, he returns to the castle in search of  his regiment but is shocked to find it in ruins. It turns out that Nellie Jack John comes from the year 1742 and somehow the passage has transported him to 1993. David has heard the story about treasure being buried under the hill too. King Arthur is also said to be asleep under there, waiting for something. He's also heard a story about a drummer boy going into the passage to look for the treasure and drumming as he went. In that tale the drumming stopped after a bit and the boy never came out. Nellie Jack John protests that he never stopped and did come out. David points out that he has come out over 200 years in the future. Nellie Jack John decides to go back in the passage but the strange events don't end with his departure...

Here are a couple of clips from the first episode:

The second video doesn't seem to want to post on here, so I put the link instead.


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