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1000 Songs In A Year

After reading this post on Hope & Sugar about Life List goals you can do by yourself:

I was inspired by No 17, which is to listen to 1000 new songs. So I decided to listen to 1000 new songs in a year and blog about it on here. :)

I started on Monday (24th March). I'm counting music videos on TV and YouTube, as well as songs I hear on Spotify or elsewhere. And they don't have to be new releases; they just have to be new to me.

Here are the songs I've listened to so far: 

1. Ken Hirai- Hitomi wo tojite
2. Brooke Hyland (Dance Moms)- Mean to Me
3. BANKS- Brain
4. Girl's Day- Female President
5. Girl's Day- Expectation
6. Apink- NoNoNo
7. Girls' Generation- Galaxy Supernova
8. EXO-M- Mama (Chinese version)*
9. EXO-K- Mama (Korean version)*
10. Super Junior- Sexy, Free & Single

I went on a K-pop kick! lol.

* EXO are a Korean/Chinese boyband with 12 members who are also divided into 2 subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M. Two of their members (Kai and Lu Han) are part of the supergroup Younique Unit. I'll do a post on EXO soon. :) Eunhuyk from Super Junior and Henry from the subgroup Super Junior-M are also Younique Unit members.

Do you have any suggestions for me? What is your favourite song? My favourite types of music are pop, R'n'B, rap, Hindi, J-pop and K-pop and I also like dance, Turkish and gothic/symphonic metal. I'm open to other genres as well, lol.


  1. Hey, this is awesome!! Currently m doing the same with movies, music is up next on my list :)

  2. Thanks! That's cool that you're doing a movies one and then music. Look forward to reading about it. :)


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