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Eurovision Past and Present

I normally only post twice a week but I'm doing an extra post this week because it's Eurovision tonight and I also wanted to do a 1000 Songs Challenge post because if I leave it too long there will be too many songs in one go to write up! :)

So it's time for the Eurovision Song Contest again! Last year Emilie de Forest won for Denmark with her song Only Teardops, so this year the contest is in Copenhagen. The UK's entry is Molly who is singing Children of the Universe. I think the song's alright, a bit different. I like the fact that she's not a well known artist and so this is an opportunity for her (Eurovision is a chance to launch a career) but I would still like it if we were able to choose the acts ourselves, like we could a few years ago.

I thought I'd do something different this year and post some videos of the songs I liked from past and present Eurovisions. :)


Secret Combination- Kalomira (Greece) 

Kalomira  (full name Kalomira Sarantis) was Greece's entry in 2008. She's a Greek American singer and is known as Carol in America. Her career took off after she won the Greek reality talent contest Fame Story 2 in 2004. She released her debut album Kalomira in September 2004, her second album Paizeis? (You Playing?) in 2005 and her third, I Kalomira Paei Cinema (a concept album) the following year. In 2008 Kalomira was chosen to represent Greece at Eurovison and came third in the final. She brought out Secret Combination: The Album just after the contest. Her last single was Other Side Tonight (2012). She took a break after giving birth to her twin sons in December 2012 but made a comeback at the end of last year.

I like this song, it's fun and upbeat. It reminds me of Helena Paprizou's My Number One (also see Eurovision Songs I Like) which Greece won in 2005. This wasn't the best performance but it's a decent song.


For more on Kalomira visit her site:

If you like these Greek entries check out their entry from 2012, Eleftheria Eleftheriou with Aphrodisiac:

Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl!)-  Svetlana Loboda (Ukraine)

This was Ukraine's entry in 2009, it came 12th. Svetlana started her career in the band Cappucino, went on to found the band Catch and was also a member of Ukrainian girl group Nu Virgos/VIA Gra. She launched her solo career in 2004 with her debut single Cherno-Belaya Zima (Black and White Winter) and debut album Ty Ne Zabudesh (You Won’t Forget).  To date Svetlana has released 3 studio albums, Ty Ne Zabudesh (2005), Ne Macho (Not Macho) in 2008 and F*ck The Macho (a re-release of Ne Macho) the same year. Her most recent album is a compilation called Anti-Crisis Girl which was released in 2009 to promote her Eurovision entry.

I think when I first saw this performance and song I didn't quite know what to make of it! lol. But I ended up liking it. Again it's not the best singing but it's entertaining! I got the 2009 Eurovision album; I liked quite a few of the songs from that year.


Visit Svetlana's site here (Russian language):


Running- András Kállay-Saunders (Hungary)

András is Hungary's entry for the 2014 contest. His mum is Hungarian model Katalin Kállay, who is from a Hungarian noble family and his dad is American soul singer Fernando Saunders. He grew up in America but became known in Hungary after entering the TV talent show Megasztár- Voice of the Year in 2011. He came 4th and signed a record deal with Universal, then he released his debut single Csak Veled (which means "I Love You)". András is currently signed to Today Is Vintage  and his latest single is Running.

I watched the 1st Semi Final and really liked this song (it was my favourite of all the entries) but I couldn't vote for it because the UK were only allowed to vote in the 2nd Semi Final. It got through to the Final. :)


For more on András visit these links:

Official site

Official Facebook (Hungarian/English)

My Słowianie- We Are Slavic- Donatan & Cleo (Poland)

This is Poland's entry this year, which got through in the 2nd Semi Final. It's a collaboration between Polish music producer Donatan (real name Witold Czmara) and singer Cleo (Joanna Klepko).

Dontatan has a Russian mum and Polish dad and has lived in Russia as well as Poland. He's been producing music since 2002 and his latest album is Równonoc. Słowiańska dusza (2012).

Cleo won the first series of the Polish singing contest Studio Garaż and was also a contestant on the Polish X Factor. She's been working with Donatan since last year.

I didn't quite know what to make of this song either! But it has a catchy beat, so I ended up voting for it, lol.


Attention- Vilija Matačiūnaitė (Lithuania)

I also liked Lithuania's entry this year. It didn't get through to the Final, which is a shame.

Vilija has been in quite a few singing competitions, including the 2005 Lithuanian Eurovision pre-selection contest (she finished 7th), Kelias į žvaigždes in the same year (she came 2nd), Melange Factor which she won in 2012 and this year's pre-selection contest (in which she won the chance to represent Lithuania).


Check out her links here:

Official site (Lithuanian)

Official FB

Turkey haven't entered this year which is a shame, their songs tend to be good.

Eurovison is on  BBC1 at 8pm in the UK tonight and at 9pm CET for other European countries. Good luck to all the contestants! :)

Follow Eurovision news on the official site:

You can read my Eurovision posts from previous years here:

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