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LA Clippers Dance Squad

I'm a fan of the American reality TV shows Dance MomsBring It! and Step It Up. (Also the British TV series Dance Mums UK). A similar show has just started in the UK called LA Clippers Dance Squad, so I've been watching that. The series follows the dance squad for the basketball team LA Clippers, based in Los Angeles. The squad features 20 girls, team captain Kellie, co-captain Athena, Natalie, Hannah,  Blair, Savanna, Walesska, Haley, Karissa,  Taylor, Gabrielle, Candace, Amber, Brooke, Tatum, Mariah, Brianna, Sharon, Tyra and Bernadette. Petra Pope is the creative director of the team and Latrice Gregory is the choreographer.

The main members featured are rookie Athena Perample who has ruffled feathers with the other girls because she's been made team captain despite having just joined, veteran Kellie Jankesi who has a lot of responsiblity due to being team captain and also had to deal with her mum's death recently, Natalie Tenerelli, another veteran who has been struggling to keep up in some of the dance routines (also a former contestant on the American version of Survivor), Hannah Cormier from Louisana, who broke-up with her boyfriend to follow her dream and is thrilled to have made it to California, Blair Kim, another rookie who is also in a girl group and recently had a new love interest on the show, party girl Savanna Read from Tennessee and Candace Washington, a veteran for 2 years who hopes to make it to Broadway in the future.

The show is entertaining so far (I've only seen 3 episodes). I like Blair and Hannah and Kellie seem nice. Athena is interesting but she seems to rub people up the wrong way! Maybe it's because she's confident and ambitious and has a strong belief in herself. The girls are going to be competing to be chosen to go with the squad to China, so there will be plenty of drama in store!

Update 13/4/16: The original trailer was made private but here's another one. :)

Here's a trailer for the series:

Also here's a clip of Candace, Hannah and Natalie dancing at a pick-up basketball game:

LA Clippers Dance Sqaud is on every Tuesday at 9pm on E! (UK).

For more on the show and the girls check out these links:

Official NBA website:

E! US site:

E! UK site:

Article about the series:

Personal sites*:

Athena's official website:

Natalie's Twitter: 

Natalie's Instagram:

Hannah's Instagram:

Blair's Instagram:

Savanna's official site:

Savanna's FB:

*Kellie and Candace don't have anything active.


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