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Teen Mom UK

30/12/16: Updated with more of the girls' links. :)

Teen Mom UK just started this week. It's the British version of the very successful American reality show franchise Teen Mom. The first Teen Mom (now known as Teen Mom OG which stands for Original Girls) and its sister programme Teen Mom 2 are both spin-offs from the MTV series 16 and Pregnant. The original Teen Mom started in 2009, so it's been a long time and now it's come to the UK! Someone pointed out on the Facebook page that it should be called Teen Mum UK (instead of Mom) and that might suit it more, but I suppose they just kept the American spelling because it's part of the Teen Mom series.

Teen Mom UK works in a similar format to the American shows, expect the girls also have cameras of their own to film in their rooms. That part is like 16 and Pregnant acually, where the teens would talk to the camera at the end. There are 5 girls on TM UK, Chloe, Naomi, Mia, Amber and Megan.


Chloe Patton has son Marley, 9 months when the series started filming. She had him at 17 and is now 18. The father is her boyfriend Jordan and they live in Nottingham. Chloe is struggling with how her body has changed since giving birth. Jordan seems supportive so far, which is good.

I think she looks a bit like EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa, lol.

Chloe's Twitter:



Naomi Konickova has daughter Kyanna with ex-boyfriend Raphael and lives in the London area. At 2, Kyanna is the oldest child on the show. Naomi gave birth when she was 17. Things are complicated with her and Raphael, although they've broken-up and he has a new girlfriend they still sometimes sleep together.

Naomi reminds me of Chelsea from TM2 because of the situation with her ex and working in a similar industry- Naomi is training to be a make-up artist and Chelsea is an aesthetician.

Naomi's Twitter:

FB page:


Mia Boardman is 20 (19 at the time of filming) and from Southampton. In the first episode on Wednesday she was still pregnant. She gave birth to daughter Marliya on the programme, so Marliya is the youngest child. (I think she's about 6 months now). Her father is Mia's boyfriend Manley, who also has a daughter from a previous relationship. Mia and Manley were childhood sweethearts, then broke-up and Manley had a daughter with another girl. But now they're back together and have Marliya. Mia finds it hard to deal with Manley's ex and the fact that he has another child.

You can read an interview with Mia here:




19 year old Amber Butler has son Brooklyn who was born when she was 17. I think Brooklyn was 1 during from filming but must be coming up 2 now. She's broken-up with his dad Ste and things aren't amicable between them. In the first episode we saw them arguing while trying to organise Brooklyn's christening. Amber lives in Blackpool and is thinking about dating again. She likes getting dressed up and her friends think she should be a Kardashian. In the first episode we saw her out clubbing but she wasn't impressed with the boys she met!

New Twitter (2018):


Megan Salmon-Ferrari also gave birth at 17. She has son Mckenzie with fiance Dylan and they live in a caravan in Essex. McKenzie is now a year old. In the first episode the couple were engaged but then Megan found out Dylan had cheated on her with her best friend, so their relationship is up in the air. I think the trailer shows her trying on wedding dresses though, so maybe they've got back together.

Read an article about Megan here:


Official FB  page:

Meg's Glittery Crafts FB Page:

I can't post a trailer directly here because there's nothing on YouTube but if you go on the MTV link below you can watch it there. :) Here is a segment from when Chloe, Amber and Mia appeared on TV programme This Morning:

So far I like the show. We used to have a British series called Underage and Pregnant and it reminds me of that. I also watched Kizzy: Mum at 14 years ago.

Foe more on Teen Mom 2 and the girls see under their individual profiles and also check out these links:


Official FB:

Official Instagram:

Starcasm article: (Note: I like Starcasm but it tends to slow down my computer)

Reveal mag feature:

Teen Mom UK is on  MTV (UK) on Wednesdays at 8pm.

Are you a Teen Mom fan? What do you think of the UK version so far?

P.S. I'll update this post as the girls start getting more of a web presence. :)


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