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Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Gave Your Love Away by Majid Jordan. It's from their second album The Space Between which came out in October.

Gave Your Love Away was uploaded to YouTube on 11th January but I'm not sure if it's actually a single. Both song and video have a 90s vibe, which is especially nostalgic for those of us who grew up then!

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Dance Videos

It's been a while since I've featured some dance videos, so here's a new post. :)

First up here is Rumer Noel and her students dancing to I Got You by American singer Bebe Rexha.  The video was uploaded to YouTube in November 2016.

Rumer has choreographed dances for the Dance Moms girls, that's where I first heard of her. Watch a couple of those videos at  the links below:

She also choreographed and danced in the music video for former Dance Moms star Mackenzie Ziegler's latest single Breathe, which was released in November. Check it out here:

For more Rumer videos visit her YouTube channel:

Now here are some videos from 1MILLION Dance Studio. They are based  in Korea and their clients include K-pop record companies SM Entertainmen…

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Don't Think About it by Justine Skye. It was released on 7th December and is from her upcoming  debut album ULTRAVIOLET, due out on 19th January.

Justine fan? Visit these links:

Collide music video:

A Train audio:

Check out a preview of ULTRAVIOLET here:

New Music for 2018- Part 1

Sorry the post is late this week, I started this one yesterday but it's not finished, so I'm  going to split it into 2 parts. )

Last year I did a new releases post for the beginning of 2017. Now here's new music for the start of 2018! These songs came out at the very end of last year. :)

African (Nigerian)

Tiwa Savage- Sugarcane

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has a new single called Sugarcane. It's the second one off her latest EP of the same name  and was released at the end of Dec. She's singing in Yoruban (I think) and English.

For the first single from Sugarcane (Ma Lo) visit this post:


Meng Jia & Jackson Wang- MOOD

Meng Jia (former member of now disbanded Korean/Chinese girl group miss A) and Jackson Wang (member of k-pop band GOT7) have collaborated on the song MOOD. It' s a mixture of Chinese language (although I'm not sure which dialect) and English. The video was uploaded to YouTube …

Weekly Music Video

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. (Depending what you celebrate). Here's the first post of 2018! :)

Today's video is Unconditional by British singer Sinead Harnett.  Her music style has been compared to Jhene Aiko and Jessie Ware's. She's collaborated with British rapper/grime artist Wiley and dance act Disclosure and released her debut single Got Me in 2013. This was followed by her debut EP N.O.W in summer 2014. Sinead has brought out another EP Sinead Harnett (2016) and a mixtape Chapter One (2017). Her other singles include Paradise, She Ain't me, Do It Anyway, Rather be With You and Still Miss You.

I was given some money to buy songs on iTunes as a Christmas present and since I'd already bought some songs from Chapter One, I bought the rest of the mixtape. Unconditional is one of the songs on there and is Sinead's latest single. It's about unconditional love.

Follow Sinead on FB:

Best of 2017

Last year I did a Best Of 2016 post listing my favourite posts on the blog from that year. You can read it here:

Now it's time for 2017's Best Of post! :)



I did a post on different types of Asian music in Feb:


Also did an African music feature in October:


There wasn't music C-pop this year (I'd like to listen to more in 2018) but there were a couple of Weekly Music Videos:

EXO- Ko Ko Bop (Koreab and Chinese):

Jackson Wang from GOT7 (English and Chinese, I think):


I did Eurovision posts in 2017, a round-up and a new one:


Weekly Music Video

Hope everybody had a good Christmas! (Or if you celebrated something else I hope you had a good festival and/or weekend)! :)

Today's video is One Song Away by Pia Mia. it's from her 2nd EP/mixtape The Gift 2 which was released on 15th December. The first single from it is Off My Feet which came out on 1st December. I have The Gift (Pia released it online for free  as well as on iTunes) and I bought this song and a couple of others just before Christmas. You can buy The Gift 2 on iTunes and Amazon.

One Song Away is actually an audio but if there's a video in future I'll update this post. :)

More Pia? Go here:

P.S. Stay tuned for a Best of 2017 post, the follow up to last year's for 2016. :)