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Return of Teen Mom UK

Teen Mom UK is back! It's the UK version of the hit American series Teen Mom (itself a spin-off of 16 and Pregnant and sister show Teen Mom 2 and the first series was shown last November. Now it's back for the second one starting next Wednesday. You can read my original post on TM UK here:

The first series followed 5 girls, Chloe, Amber, Mia, Megan and Naomi. This time round the first 4 are back but Naomi has left and been replaced by new girl Sassi Simmons.  Naomi is taking a break to focus on her career and looking after daughter Kyanna, who must be about 3 since she was 2 in the last series. Her relationship with Kyanna's father Raphael wasn't good, from the outside it looked like he didn't treat her very well. They are currently not together. Naomi seems like a good mum and I look forward to hearing more about her and Kyanna in the future. :)

For more on Naomi 's hiatus from the show visit this lin…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Love* Queen by Japanese girl group E-girls. It was uploaded to YouTube on 19th June.

There have been several changes to the band's line-up lately. Member Erie left at the end of last year, in March this year Miyuu (who is also a member of spin-off group Happiness) took a break due to a a knee injury, and in May, Dream (whose members Shizuka, Ami and Aya were also a part of E-girls) was disbanded and they are no longer a part of the main group. E-girls now consists of 11 members instead of 19 and they've been re-branded as E.G. Family, along with other groups including Happiness, Flower (whose members have also been part of E-girls), Dream Ami and DANCE EARTH PARTY. You can read more about the changes here:

E-girls latest EP is E.G. CRAZY which came out at the beginning of 2017. This month they also released the single Smile For Me which is available …

New Music/Videos

Latest update on the music and videos I've been listening to/watching so far this summer. :)

Selena Gomez- Bad Liar
DJ Khaled feat. Rihanna and Bryson Tiller: Wild Thoughts
Nick Jonas feat Anne-Marie and Mike Posner- Remember I Told You
Jhene Aiko feat. Chris Brown- Hello Ego
Jhene Aiko- While We're Young 
Janine- Unstable 


Radio & weasal, goodlyfe- Magnetic*
Bebe Cool- Love You Everyday*

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Last Kiss by AlunaGeorge. Their latest album is I Remember, released last September but this isn't on it. It's one of two new singles; the other is Turn Up The Love which I'm going to check out later.

There's no video for Last Kiss yet but I'll update if there is one. :)

Debut LANY Album

American band LANY released their debut  self titled album on 30th June. It contains 16 songs, including singles Good Girls, It Was Love, The Breakup and 13. I don't tend to be that into indie/alternative music (I'm a fan of BANKS but her music is more alternative R'n'B) but I discovered LANY last summer and liked their song yea, babe, no way. It's good to try different styles of music. (And their music is still kind of poppy anyway! lol It's described as "dream pop"). Since then I've listened to other singles and liked them.

I think LANY is quite a good album. It's probably not one that I would buy as a whole album but I'll definitely get some individual songs. I've already bought The Breakup on iTunes and will probably get a couple of the albums. The album has a nice chilled vibe, which is good for this time of year. It also seems to have a California type vibe, which is fitting since half of the band's name stands for LA! (The o…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is JoJo's new one Wonder Woman. I don't know if it's a single, it's maybe just a song she's uploaded. It's not on her latest album Mad Love. Nice, chilled song. :)

Update: Just saw on Wikipedia that it's listed as a promotional single.

Check out my post about Mad Love. here:

TV Round-Up

Sorry the post is later this week; I intended to post yesterday but went to a belly dance event and didn't have time. :)

I'm currently working on a Music Index page where you can find posts on Star Sparkle from different music genres. I had the idea a while ago and I decided to go ahead and do it, especially since I changed the blog to a different design/theme  there aren't any tags at the top anymore.The page isn't ready yet but I thought today I'd do a round-up of television related posts. (There aren't as many posts so I'm doing this rather than a page). So here we go. :)

Dance shows

Dance Moms:

Dance Moms/Raising Asia:

Dance Mums UK:

Bring It!:

Step It Up:…

Weekly Music Video

This is Nick Jonas's latest single Remember I Told You. It features British singer Anne-Marie and American rapper Mike Posner. It was released on 26th May but the official video was just uploaded to YouTube yesterday. (I only saw an audio video before).

Remember I Told you is not on Nick's latest album Last Year Was Complicated, it's a stand-alone single.

Nick fan? Check out these posts:

Chung Ha Solo Debut

Chung Ha (real name Kim Chung-mi) from Korean girl I.O.I has launched her solo career.* I.OI.  disbanded at the beginning of the year and now Chung Ha is striking out on her own.

Chung Ha was born in South Korea, then moved to America and later came back to Korea to get started in her career. Shre trained with South Korean entertainment company JYP Entertainment (who are responsible for several of the top K-pop groups including missA, Twice, 2PM and GOT7) and later became a member of I.O.I. She said on Pops in Seoul that she was the main dancer of I.O.I. She is currently with MNH Entertainment.

In addition to singing Chug Ha has done some presenting, she was a guest presenter on Simply K-pop for several weeks and she has also been hosting the show Ah! Sunday - A Running Miracle.

Chung Ha released her debut single Week in April and her debut EP Hands on Me this month, along with the lead single Why Don't You Know featuring Korean rapper Nucksal. The EP contains 5 tracks- Hands on M…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Cash Madame by Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee. Her full name is Vanessa Hau Mdee and she was born in Tanzania and later lived in New York, Paris and Kenya. Also known as Vee Money, she started out as an MTV VJ (there aren't so many of them these days, at least not in the UK) and was the first ever VJ in Tanzania. Her debut solo single  was, Closer, one of her biggest hits to date.

Vanessa's other singles include Come over, Niroge, Siri, Never Ever and Cash Madame. I think Cash Madame is her latest single. It was uploaded to YouTube in December. Vanessa is singing in English but a kind of patois, I think. Sounds similar to Jamaican English. (Swahili is one of the official languages of Tanzania along with English).

For more on Vanessa visit these links:

Official site:

Official FB:

Girls vs Boys- Turkish

Sorry for the late post, I've had personal problems and haven't been feeling well the past couple of days.

I haven't done a Girls vs Boys post for a while so here's a new one. :) Today's it's between Turkish singers Cem Belevi and Ayshe.

Ayshe's full name is Ayşe Akın. (I think this is the right Ayshe, I translated this from Turkish with Google Translate!). She was born in Belgium and speaks 4 languages. Although her real name is Ayşe, she uses Ayshe as a stage name becauuse it's easier for people abroad to pronounce.

One of Ayshe's most well known songs is Kim Ne Derse Desin with Cem Belevi (see below). She's also an actress, having been in TV series.

 This is Ben Bile Şok which came out in September.

For more on Ayshe check out these links:

Official site:

Official FB:

Cem Belevi learnt to play the piano when he 7 and started playing guitar aged 13. He released his debut album B…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is M.I.L.F $ (MILF Money) by Fergie. It came out last July and was played a lot last summer. The acronym "MILF" usually stands for "Mom/Mum I'd like to f***" but in this case it stands for "Moms I'd Like To Follow" (e.g. on social media site Instagram). Of course the other meaning is implied! lol.

M.I.L.F was the first single from Fergie's upcoming second album Double Dutchess. The album's release has been delayed a couple of times and since Fergie changed record labels last month, there's no sign of when it's definitely coming out yet.  Life Goes on, the second single from Double Dutchess was released in November. I really like Fergie's first album The Dutchess so will keep an eye out for news of the new one. :)

As well as Fergie (who is mum to son Axl) the video for M.IL.F $ features others famous mums including reality star Kim Kardashian West, singer Ciara, model Chrissy Teigen,  model and actress Devon Ao…

New J-pop Releases

A few Japanese artists have new songs out, so here are the latest releases. :)

Namie Amuro- Just You and I

First up here's Namie Amuro's latest single Just You and I. It came out in May. This is the short version of the music video. (Her record company Avex tend to upload short versions).

Weekly Music Video

This week's video (or audio) is another one from LANY. It's called 13 and is their latest single (released at the beginning of the month). It has a nice, chilled out vibe.

 13 is from the band's self-titled debut album which is due out on 30th June.

For more singles from LANY check out this post:

New Dua Lipa Album

British Albanian singer Dua Lipa has just released her debut album self titled album. It feels like I've been waiting for this for ages! lol. It came out yesterday (2nd June) but I originally thought it was going be released in February.

Note: This post refers to the Deluxe edition.

I like the album but I think I was expecting to like it more, or rather like the new songs more (ones I haven't already heard). I've heard quite a few of them already and bought a couple on iTunes last year (Last Dance and Be The One). So those two are my favourites and also New Love and Blow Your Mind (Mwah). I also like Lost In Your Light featuring American singer Miguel. I don't like Hotter Than Hell or Room For 2 so much but Thinking Bout You has a nice, chilled out vibe. Out of the songs I'd never listened to until yesterday, I like New Rules, and Dreams best and Genesis and Begging are quite good as well. I may get the album in future since I only have 2 of the songs from it s…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Dream In A Dream by Ten. His full name is Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul and he is a member of K-pop group NCT and the sub-unit NCT U. He is the only Thai member of NCT/NCT U.

Dream In A Dream is Ten's debut solo single. It was released in April and is about the meaning of true love between the border of dreams and reality. It's a dreamy kind of song, relaxing and the video adds to the vibe with the dance performance which also stars fellow band member Lucas. Ten sings in English.

For more on Ten check out these links:

New Mabel EP

Swedish/British singer Mabel has just released her debut EP. It's called Bedroom and consists of 5 tracks- Bedroom, Finders Keepers featuring Kojo Funds, Ride or Die and Talk About Forever.

It's a good EP. My favourite songs are Bedroom and Talk about Forever. I also just listened to Ride or Die and really like that as well. I bought Bedroom on iTunes yesterday and will probably buy more songs and complete the EP!

Here's  the official audio of Ride or Die. It has a chilled out vibe. (In fact most of Mabel's music does!). This has a kind of melancholy vibe too.

In October I posted Talk About Forever as my Weekly Music Video. Check it out here:

Then in March Finders Keepers was a Weekly Music Video:

And finally last week I featured the title track which is Mabel's latest single:…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is the latest from LANY. It's called The Breakup and is on their forthcoming self titled album. It's the 3rd single from LANY.

For previous singles visit these posts:

New Music/Videos

Latest installment of music and videos I've been listening to and watching lately. :)

ZAYN feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR- Still Got Time (video)
Louisa Johnson- Best Behaviour
Ten- Dream In A Dream (K-pop)
ZICO- She's a Baby (K-pop)
Harry Styles (fellow former One Directioner with ZAYN!)- Sign of the Times (audio)
Lady Gaga- The Cure (lyric video)


Snuper- Back:Hug (live on Simply K-pop)
Boi B feat. Sik-K- ADY 
SF9- Easy Love
VARSITY- Hole in one
Lovelyz- Now, We
Triple H- 365 Fresh (live on Simply K-pop)
DINDIN- Super Super Lonely
Owol feat. Microdot- NUNA

Mabel- Bedroom
Lana Del Ray feat. The Weeknd- Lust For Life (official audio)
Tinashe- Flame 
6LACK feat. Jhene Aiko- First F***k (explicit)
Mila J- No Fux
LANY- The Breakup 
Lindsey Stirling- Lost Girls 


Hamnava, Twisted (web series) Raat Ki
Raabta- Title Song
Half Girlfriend- Thodi Der

That's it until next time!

Weekly Music Video

This is Bedroom, the latest single from Mabel. It's from her EP of the same name which is out later this month (26th May).

For another song from Bedroom check out this post:

Keep up with Mabel on Facebook:

P.S. I watched Eurovision on Saturday. Portugal's Salvador Sobral won with the song Amar Pelos Dois (translated as Loving for the Both of Us). My favourite was Armenia, I voted for them. Other standouts were Hungary and Bulgaria and I liked Denmark as well.

Eurovision- Current Faves and Past Contestant Updates

Eurovision is tomorrow and that means it's time for my annual post! I also did a Eurovision round-up last Saturday which you can read here:

The 62nd contest is held in Kyiv/Kiev, Ukraine this year due to Jamala winning in 2016 with 1944. Jamala's was one of the entries I liked although my favourite was Australia's Dami Im. Watch Jamala's performance at the Semi-Final here:

The UK's entry is Lucie Jones with Never Give Up On You. She was an X-Factor finalist in 2009 and also acts. The song wasn't my favourite out of the ones who competed in Making Your Mind Up in January but it's better than some past entries. I don't think we'll do that well because of Brexit (I voted to Remain by the way!). :( But wishing you luck anyway Lucie! :) Watch the video here:

As I …

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Visal by Hadise. It's a non album single and was released in 2013.

Hadise was Turkey's 2009 entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. (She was born in Belgium but has Turkish parents). You can read about her entry here:

Keep up with her on Facebook:

If you're a Eurovision fan check out my round-up post:

The 2nd Semi Finals are on tomorrow (Thursday) at 8pm UK time/9pm CEST and the Grand Final on Saturday at the same time.

Eurovision Round-Up

It's that time of year again- Eurovision is coming! It's next Saturday so I thought it would be good to do a round-up of past Eurovision posts. :)

This year the contest will be held in Kiev, Ukraine since Ukraine was last year's winner with Jamala's 1944. She was actually one of my favourites, although my absolute fave was Australia's Dami Im with Sound of Silence. (See 2016 post). I voted for her. (For why Australia are entering Eurovision check out this link:

I always seem to have some event going on on the day of Eurovision, usually belly dance related! lol. Last year it was my group BD4U's show and I missed some of the contest. I recorded it but it's not the same with a live event, especially because I voted. This year we have a performance but it's in the afternoon.

This is the first Eurovision post I did in 2012 on singers I've discovered through it: http://starspa…

Weekly Music Video

In my recent New K-pop Releases post I mentioned that K.A.R.D had shared a teaser video for their new single RUMOR. Now here's the full video which was uploaded on 23rd April. RUMOR is the group's third project single, Project Vol. 3.

There's also a hidden version of the video which you can check out here:

Dance Videos

It's time for another dance post! I thought I'd feature both modern dance and belly dance today. :)

First of all here are a couple of dance videos by choreographer Rumer Noel. This is one to Everyday by Ariana Grande that was uploaded in January. According to comments on YouTube the man dancing with Rumer at the beginning is called Lucas la Parada.

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is It Was Love, the latest single by LANY. This is the official audio. If there's a video in the future I'll update this post. :)

It Was Love was released earlier this month. It's from LANY's  self titled debut album, which is due out on 30th June and available for pre-order now.

For another single from the upcoming album visit this post:

New K-pop Releases

I've been watching more K-pop lately, so here are some of the new releases from the past month. :)

MONSTA X- Beautiful

Boyband MONSTA X 's latest is single Beautiful. It came out in March so it's not brand new but it's only a month old. :) It's from their latest album The Clan Pt. 2.

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Text From Your Ex by Tinie Tempah featuring Tinashe. It's from his new album Youth (his third) which came out at the end of March.

Tinashe doesn't appear in the video. I didn't realise it was her when I saw the video on a music channel. They didn't even credit her! It's cool that she's working with Tinie.

New Music/Videos

I haven't done a new music and videos update for a while, so here's the latest. :)

Iggy Azalea- Mo Bounce
Brave Girls- Rollin' (K-pop)

Zara Larsson album (minus what I've already heard). (Explicit)

What They Say
Only You
Sundown feat. Wizkid
Don't Let Me Be Yours
Make That Money Girl
One Missippi
I Can't Fall In Love With You

Listen to the album on Spotify:


Moon Hyuna- Cricket Song
MONSTA X- Beautiful
Girl's Day- I'll be yours
GOT7- Never Ever 

Iggy Azalea- Bac 2 Tha Future (My Time) (explicit)
EXID- Night Rather Than Day (K-pop)
BANKS- Crowded Places
Harry Styles (One Direction)- Sign of the Times 
BP RANIA- Make Me Ah (K-pop). (live)
Tei Shi- Justify 
Tinie Tempah feat. Tinashe- Text From Your Ex

More K-pop

Dreamcatcher- GOOD NIGHT
UNIT BLACK- Steal Your Heart
OH MY GIRL- Coloring Book

Meng Jia- Candy (C-pop)
Beverly- I need your love (J-pop)

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is PYD by Justin Bieber  featuring American singer R. Kelly. PYD stands for "Put You Down" and it's from Justin's 2013 digital only album Journals.

I listened to this a lot when I first bought it and recently started listening to it again. It's a good song. :) This is a lyric video because it was never released as a single.

For another song from Journals check out this post:

IT Remake

I've been hearing about the IT remake for ages and now it's actually getting closer! lol. It's a film remake of the 1990 TV mini series IT, which was based on the book by Stephen King. If you were a child/teenager in the 90s you probably remember seeing it in the video shop like I did, lol. The book tells the tale of 7 kids who battle Pennywise, the evil clown/interdimensional demon! Check out my post on the TV version here:

While I'm a fan of the mini series I've never read the book. I've been planning to read it for ages but not got round to it. I've seen people online saying that the book is better than the TV version. I think in the new movie they may have bits that were in the book but weren't in the 1990 version. From what I've seen so far the basic storyline seems similar, although it's set in 1989.  The mini series has two parts, it's set in 1960 when the kids are aged a…

Weekly Music Video

This is Destur, the new one by Turkish singer Tuğba Yurt. It came out on 29th March. I'm not sure what "Destur" means in English but in the Facebook translation it keeps saying "Watch". If you're a Turkish speaker please let me know. :)

K-pop Female Solo Stars

I've mentioned before that for some reason I tend to know more Japanese solo singers rather than groups and more Korean groups rather than solo singers! Well that's changing now, I'm getting to know more Korean singers and Japanese bands.  So today I decided to do a post on K-pop female solo singers. :)

Note: Korean names are written with the surname first.


Hyolyn (real name Kim Hyo-jung) aka Hyorin is a member of the girl group SISTAR and its sub-unit SISTAR19. She debuted as a solo artist last October with the single Love Like This featuring rapper DOK2. The singles One Step featuring Korean American rapper/singer Jay Park and Paradise followed in November. Her debut EP It's Me was released on 8th November, the same day as Paradise. Hyolyn also featured on American group Far East Movement's single Umbrella, along with Taiwanese music producer Gill Chang.

Here is Paradise. Click the Subtitles/Closed Caption icon on YouTube for English subtitles! :)

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Chineke Meh by British singer Ezi Emela. Ezi (real name Ezichimemela Ezeh) is British Nigerian, her parents are from Nigeria and she was born in Manchester.

She was in a singing group with her sister in her teens and sang in her church choir. Her first single was Catch my Heat and her other songs incluse NO LELE and Broken.

Nicknamed "The Princess of Afro Beats", Ezi is also a model.

Chineke Meh was released in January. It's sung in a mixture on English and a Nigerian language. I'm not sure which Nigerian language it is (Yoruba?) but will update as soon as I know more. :)

Update 5/4/17: A friend has told me that Chineke Meh is an Igbo phrase and means "My God".

For more on Ezi check out these links:

Artist profile:

Official FB:


Computer Problems

Sorry there wasn't a second post last week, I've been having computer problems. It was to do with the mouse. I'm getting a new one so it should be back to the normal schedule later this week. :)

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Finders Keepers by Mabel featuring Kojo Funds. It's from her upcoming EP Bedroom which will be released on 26th May. This is the official audio but I'll update if there's a video in future. :)

Return of Steps

Steps are back! If you were a child or teenager in the UK in the late 90s, then you probably remember the group Steps.When I first saw their video for 5, 6, 7, 8 I wasn't that impressed but I later became a fan! lol.

Steps were formed in 1997 and debuted in November that year with the single 5,6.,7,8. The band consists of Claire Richards, H (real name Ian Watkins), Faye Tozer, Lisa Scott-Lee and Lee Latchford-Evans. They became very successful in the UK and also did well in other European countries, Japan and Australia. Their hits include Tragedy (probably the most successful), One For Sorrow, Deeper Shade of Blue, Better Best Forgotten and Stomp.

Steps released their debut studio album Step One in September 1998 and went on to release 3 more, Steptacular (1999), Buzz (2000) and Light Up The World (2012). They broke-up in 2001 and H and Claire went on to form a duo, a move which upset the other members. In 2011 the group reunited for a TV special called Steps: Reunion where they d…

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Good Girls by American band LANY. It's the first single from their debut album LANY which is set for release on 30th June.

Good Girls came out on 3rd March. It's just an audio at the moment but I'll update if there's an official video in future. :)

Update 8/7/17: For the official video for Good Girls visit this post:

New Bebe Rexha EP

American singer Bebe Rexha released her latest EP All Your Fault Pt. 1 last month. It contains 6 tracks, Atmosphere, I Got You (which was released as a single last October), Small Doses, FFF featuring rapper G-Easy (who she previously collaborated with on his single Me, Myself  & I), Gateway Drug and Bad B**ch featuring rapper Ty Dolla $ign.

I got All Your Fault for my birthday recently and it's good. I like all the songs really but my favourites are Atmosphere, FFF, Gateway Drug and Bad B**ch. Here are a few of my faves. As you can tell, the album is explicit. :)

Here's Atmosphere. When she sings the verses in this, Bebe reminds me of  American singer Natalie.

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Redrum by Kosovar (Kosovan Albanian) singer Era Istrefi and featuring  Felix Snow. As I mentioned before, she's been compared to Rihanna voice wise and she reminds me of Pia Mia, especially looks wise!

Redrum is out now. It's an English language song. (Era also sings in Gheg Albanian). 

New J-pop and K-pop Releases

Here are some new releases from the J-pop and K-pop worlds. :)


Koda Kumi- Ultraviolet

Koda Kumi*is set to release her 13th/14th studio albums on 8th March. It will be a double album release and is called W FACE ~inside~ and W FACE~outside~. It's her first album for 2 years; the last was Walk of my Life in 2015 and contains two previously released singles, Kimi Omoy and Shh!

This is Ultraviolet from W FACE ~outside. It's an Avex video, so it's not full length. (They tend to show short versions).

Weekly Music Video

I'm posting the Weekly Music Video early this week because it's my birthday tomorrow, so I'm taking a computer break. :)

This week's video is Away by Nigerian duo P-Square. It's their latest single and was released earlier this month as a Valentine special.

New Mariah + Ariana Videos

Both Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande have new songs/videos out at the moment. Ariana is often compared to Mariah, so I thought it would be good to feature them together. Mariah is my fave singer and I like Ariana as well. :)

First up here's Mariah's I Don't featuring American rapper YG. It's about the end of her relationship with ex-fiance James Packer and if you watched her recent reality series Mariah's World, you would have seen her recording it in the studio. The show also documented the start of her relationship with her back-up dancer Bryan Tanaka (known as Tanaka) who she got close to during her European tour.

And then this is Ariana's Everyday featuring American rapper and record producer Future  which is from her latest album Dangerous Woman. It's a lyric video but if an official music video is made in the future I'll post that as well. :) The song is explicit.

Update 5/3.17: Here's the official video for Everyday:

Both singles are out now. …

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Don't Recall by K.A.R.D. They are a Korean group which consists of 4 members, J.seph (real name Kim Tae-hyung), Somin (full name Jeon Somin), B.M. (real name Matthew Kim but is also known as Kim Jin-seok or Woo-jin) and Jiwoo (Jeon Jiwoo).* I've just read that there's also a "hidden" member, Heo Younji who sings with the rest. She hasn't appeared in any videos so far.

K.A.R.D are unique since they are a mixed gender group. While it's more common in the UK (3 groups I can think of off the top of my head are Hear'Say, Liberty X and Clean Bandit), in South Korea they tend to have girl groups or boybands. There are also other European groups such as Aqua and Vengaboys. (I couldn't think of an American pop group with both male and female members but I thought there must be at least one! Let me know if you know of one).

Each member represents a letter of the group's name and a card in a pack of playing cards- B.M. represents K a…

New Music/Videos

Thr latest update on music and videos I've been listening to and watching. :)

BP RANIA- Start a Fire (K-pop)
Little Mix- Touch
MASC- Tina  (live on Simply K-pop)
CLC- Hobgoblin (K-pop)
Ariana Grande feat. Future- Everyday (lyric video)
Ed Sheeran- Shape of You
Martin Garrix x Dua Lipa- Scared To Be Lonely
Kris Wu- Juice (from XXX: The Return of Xander Cage)
Alessia Cara- Seventeen

Red Velvet- Rookie (K-pop)
Sam Kim and Loco- Think About Chu (K-pop)
Tei Shi- Keep Running 
Mariah Carey feat. YG- I Don't 
M.I.A.- P.O.W.A
Zara Larsson feat. Ty Dolla $ign- So Good 


All these songs aren't brand new releases but they're new to me.

J Soul Brothers (EXILE TRIBE)- Welcome to Tokyo*
Happiness- Ordinary Girls

Meng Jia- Who's That Girl (C-pop)
Katy Perry- Chained to the Rhythm (lyric video)
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil- Bulleya (Bollywood)*

Bebe Rexha- All Your Fault Pt. 1 EP, minus I Got You which I've already heard (explicit)

Small Doses

Weekly Music Video

This week's video is Keep Running by Tei Shi. Her real name is Valerie Teicher and she's from Argentina. She released her debut single M&Ms in summer 2013 and her debut digital EP Saudade in November that year. In 2015 she brought out her second EP Verde ("Green" in Spanish) online and also released a physical EP. One of her most successful singles is Bassically. Her debut album Crawl Space is set for release at the end of March.

Tei Shi's music has been described as indie pop and she herself has called it "sensual bedroom pop" and "mermaid music"! Keep Running is the first single from Crawl Space and it's out now.

For more on Tei Shei visit her official site:

The Book of the Sea (stories)

I'm doing an extra post this week because I just finished a collection of stories I've been working on for ages. It's called The Book of the Sea because they're based around the sea. :)  Sacrifice , one of the stories I've previousky shared, is included in the collection.

You can read The Book of the Sea here:

Hope you enjoy it. :)

Asian Music- K-pop, J-pop and Beyond

Two of my favourite genres are J-pop and K-pop. I started listening to J-pop (Japanese pop) about 10 years ago and got into K-pop (Korean pop) a few years ago a s well. I don't listen to as much music from other Asian countries but the other month I came across a Vietnamese singer (Hồ Ngọc Ha, see below), so I thought it would be fun to explore different types. :)

Note: I also like Bollywood/Hindi music but for the purposes of this post, I'm going to stick to East Asian music (apart from one crossover Bollywood song). Maybe in the future I'll do a post on South Asian music :)


My favourite. :)  (Although there are actually more K-pop posts on here because I've been listening to more lately!). My fave singers are Koda Kumi and Namie Amuro and I also like Utada Hikaru (although I prefer her English languge music in general) and some Ayumi Hamasaki songs. I mostly know Japanese solo singers, so I'd like to listen to more groups. I like a =few grops, such as boyban…

Weekly Music Video

Today's video is Pashmina from the Bollywood film Fitoor which was released last year. It's a modern adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic story Great Expectations and is about poor artist Noor (played by Aditya Roy Kapur/Kapoor) who falls in love with rich girl Firdaus (Katrina Kaif). He sets out to become successful to win Firdaus' heart but her mother Begum (Tabu) is determined that they won't be together.

I haven't seen this but it sounds good, so I'll put it on my To Watch list! Like Befikre (see New Releases post under the Aditya link below) it's had bad reviews but I'd still like to have a look, lol.*

The playback singer for Pashmina is Amit Trivedi. This isn't the full song but you can listen to it here: Pashmina Full Song

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